i’m aimszzter.

empath. hippie/witch vibes. super dope. and I’ve got some shit to say if you want to read it or whatever.

Shit I’ve talked about:

butt hole molds.

I’ve got these two best friends in a group chat and we always have interesting conversations that lead me to tears. This morning the conversation took a deeply south turn. What really is this fascination people have with buttholes? I thought more people were aware of these chocolate butthole molds that became a trend (enoughContinue reading “butt hole molds.”


Felt cute, might delete. Is that what the kids say? Whatever. It’s been over a decade since I’ve blogged and I think it’s important that there be an outlet for people to read the shit I’ve got to say. Why you ask? Fuck if I know. It’s therapeutic and I’ve got lots of thoughts floatingContinue reading “hieee.”

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